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SL - 28

SL - 28 is a drought tolerant variety with high yield and high cup quality. Primarily cultivated in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabue. It has very low nutrition requirements and develops best at higher elevations. The variety was initially discovered by Scott Agricultural Laboratories in Kenya.

Why do we grow SL - 28?

We have started growing the SL - 28 variety due to the increasing demand. It is a tall variety susceptible to all known diseases in coffee, therefore making it a hard variety to work with. Where it thrives is in its cup quality and productivity. 

Production capacity: between 970-1840 kilos per manzana.

Tree size: Tall.

Location: La Siberia and San Cayetano.

Variety cup notes:

  • Waiting for the first full-on harvest to be tried in cup.

How do we process this variety?

  • Full-Wash

  • Natural

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