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Salmon Bourbon

Bourbon is a cultivar of Coffea Arabica, originated in Yemen. Orange Bourbon is a natural mutation of the Red Bourbon coffee tree. Its fruit turn into an orange color with brown spots when fully ripe. It is a tall variety susceptible to all known diseases as the Red Bourbon. Its cup attributes tend to be more citric and fruity.

Why do we grow Salmon Bourbon?

Salmon Bourbon was originally discovered by Rafael Silva Jr. walking through the farm during the harvest in November 2017. He was walking in the middle of an enclosed area where we have Red Bourbon growing nest to Orange Bourbon. He then saw 2 trees with a different colored cherry. It was in between orange and red. This color attracted him and he then waited for the cherries got fully ripen and went back to the farm to pick them by himself. A very small bag of cherries was picked (they could fit in his pocket). All was planted for seeds. The next year, he did the same. We have yet to be able to try this variety. Two small areas of La Any have been planted with 2 years of production of this new variety. We can't wait to be able to try this one out.

Production capacity: between 450-970 kilos per manzana.

Tree size: Tall.

Location: La Fany.

Variety cup notes:

  • Waiting for the first full-on harvest to be tried in cup.

How do we process this variety?

  • Natural

Salmon Bourbon


Orange Bourbon

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