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Pacamara is a cross between Pacas and Maragogype varieties. Pacas being a short and high productive tree, Maragogype being a tall, low yield variety with big sized cherries and very high cup quality. This variety was created in El Salvador by the Salvadoran Coffee Institute of Investigation (ISIC). The Pacamara variety is high cup quality variety with medium-high yield.

Why do we grow Pacamara?

Luis Silva and his son Rafael Enrique Silva began working with this variety as soon as it was released. They have been purifying the variety over the years, selecting the proper trees for seeds, selecting the prime quality seeds, and then going through a final selection at the nursery before releasing the variety to the farms.

Production capacity: between 970-1840 kilos per manzana.

Tree size: Short.

Location: Llano Grande, La Fany, Siberia, San Cayetano.

Variety cup notes:

  • Aroma: Chocolate, sweet, and floral.

  • Body: Medium to high body, very creamy mouthfeel.

  • Acidity: Bright.

  • Flavor: Chocolate, fruits, spices.

  • Aftertaste: Caramel, honey, and sweet.

How do we process this variety?

  • Full-Wash

  • Semi-Wash

  • Honey

  • Natural

  • Experiments

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