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Red Caturra

Red Caturra was originally discovered in Minas de Gerais, Brazil. It is a natural mutation from the Red Bourbon variety. Unlike Bourbon, Caturra is a dwarf tree with compact branches; its internodes are a lot closer than a Bourbon, making this variety more productive , and because of its compact branch system, plant density per manzana can be higher.

Why do we grow Red Caturra?

Caturra is one of the best plants (agronomically speaking). It is a dwarf tree which makes it really easy to pick cherries, work and manage. Because of its compact branches, it can be planted in a higher density per manzana than other varieties. It has an impressively good root system, which allows the plant to absorb more nutrients from the soil. Its root system also helps prevent soil erosion in steep hills.

Production capacity: between 970-1840 kilos per manzana.

Tree size: Short.

Location: San Cayetano.

Variety cup notes:

  • Floral, sugar cane, red apple, and caramel.

How do we process this variety?

  • Full-Wash

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