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Our Mill

Our mill, Beneficio San Pedro, is located in Apaneca, Ahuachapan is a modern Specialty Coffee production facility. Using the latest Eco-Friendly technology in wet and dry milling by Penagos and Pinhalense, we guarantee traceability and a quality chain from farm to bag.

Our Processes

  • Full Washed

  • Semi-Washed

  • Honeys

  • Natural

  • Experiments

How We Process

  • Sun-dried and raked by hand in drying patios and raised beds.

  • Final selection of beans by hand.

  • Strict Quality Control measures in each part of the process.

San Pedro Mill

Wet Mill

In 2010 Rafael Sr. decided to build the mill to have complete control over the process of each of our coffees to ensure quality, traceability, and consistency for all our clients. Penagos depulpers were selected for the Wet Mill due to their eco-friendly technology. These depulpers also allow us to process our coffees in different ways through the control of water throughout the system.

Drying Stages

Drying Patios: We have two drying patio areas, one for the drying of inferior quality coffees and a main drying patio area where coffee is pre-dried for 2 to 5 days and then moved on to another stage of drying according to their quality.

Mechanical Driers: Two mechanical driers are used for the drying of inferior quality coffees such as SHG's, HG's, and Green Coffee that did not ripen at the farms.

Drying Beds: We have three raised beds areas where all Gourmet quality coffees finish off their drying process. Each one of these areas were strategically created with a unique processing purpose in mind.

Dry Mill

In 2012, Brazilian Pinhalense equipment was purchased to set up the dry mill and be able to have 100% control over the quality of the coffees being sent out. We wanted 100% assurance that our clients would be extremely satisfied with the results once they receive the coffees. 

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