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Finca La Fany

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Finca La Fany is a family inheritance that dates back to the early 1900’s. It was first established by Fabio Morán and then passed on through the generations from father to son. The beautiful farm is located on top of the Apaneca-Illamatepec Mountain Range, at 1,500 masl,  2 miles from the city of Apaneca. It received its name because of one of Rafael’s ancestors called Fany.


In the early 1990’s, we had  the opportunity to buy this great family heirloom from one of his aunts. Immediately, we jumped at the opportunity and bought it.    Originally, the farm was 100% Bourbon but we have now been experimenting with new varieties but in a small scale, since our number one variety is Bourbon. Even before we acquired  the farm, La Fany already had a big name in the region for the quality of its coffee and productivity,  


We are very much  committed to this farm as being the fifth generation in the family to have control over this land. One of our  most proudest moments was in 2005 when La Fany Red Bourbon achieved the 4th place in the COE. A tribute to our predecessors.


Over the years, we have focused on the care of the environment and been trying different ecological techniques to adapt in the farm. We started our own nursery of earthworms producing Vermicompost which is used as fertilizer, very rich in nutrients, both the soil which is placed under the trees with lots of nutrients, as well as the liquid which is sprayed in the branches.  The pulp of the cherries is used as food for the earthworms, which is digested and produce the soil. The Vermicompost is then applied in the coffee plantation as a supplement to chemical fertilizers. 


Since the year  2017, 13,000 new Pacamara trees were planted. This year, 40,000 new seedlings were planted at the nursery, composed of Red Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, Pacamara, Geisha, Yellow Icatu, and Yellow Caturra. 


We are continuously looking for different ways in which we can improve the farm´s quality and productivity, reduce the use of chemicals, help the neighboring communities by providing a steady income to their households and providing them with a fresh water supply at no charge. We care for the environment and feel proud of our workers, who year after year, with their commitment to the Company,  help us achieve our goals.

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