Corporate Responsibility

"Our people make the difference."

Social, Ecological and Sustainability are the pillars of our company.
Social Responsibilities

As a part of our corporate social responsibilities we support approximately 450 workers during the harvest and processing season at our farms and mill by providing them with work and income. We also provide clean water to nearby communities for no charge.

Ecological Responsibilities

Vast water reservoirs were built to be filed with rain-water. This water is then filtered and used in our mill during the wet process of the coffee beans.


Our Wet Mill Machinery was specifically selected due to its 50% water efficiency. 


Enzymes are used to purify water residues left from the mill wet process.


Coffee pulp is transferred to La Fany to be placed in vermicompost tanks. When worms finish decomposing the pulp, they get extracted and their wastes are stored in bags to later be used as natural organic fertilizer in the coffee plantations. The worm pee is also collected in tanks and is applied as a foliar fertilizer.


Coffee Husk from the dry mill is collected and stored in bags for the next harvest to be used as fuel for the mechanical driers. Coffee Husk is 40% less contaminating than regular firewood.

Sustainability Responsibilities

A system of producing our own organic fertilizer through vermicomposting was implemented.


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Apaneca, El Salvador