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Elephant Bourbon

This variety was discovered in Finca La Siberia around 2018. The farm foreman took Rafael Jr. to walk around and show him the different trees in different areas of the farm. There were a total of 10 trees, all with the same physical characteristics from each other, but different to all trees around them. For 3 years, the leaves were sent to Syrah Laboratories in Paris, France. The results came back each time saying "Bourbon or a derivative of a Bourbon". We were both sad and extático to receive this response. Sad because we still do not know what the variety is. Happy because we have found something interesting in its story, unique in physical characteristics, and exceptional in cup quality. Since 2019, we started taking out seeds from these 10 trees and began planting them at the nursery and continued the following years. 

The trees are tall and grow extremely fast. The branches are short and fall towards the ground as they grow. It produces a lot of cherry per tree. The cherries are bigger in size than that of a Pacamara. The seeds are bigger than that of Pacamara trees as well. Hence the name we've given it "Elephant Bourbon".

Why do we grow Elephant Bourbon?

Luis Silva and his son Rafael Enrique Silva began working with this variety as soon as it was released. They have been purifying the variety over the years, selecting the proper trees for seeds, selecting the prime quality seeds, and then going through a final selection at the nursery before releasing the variety to the farms.

Production capacity: unknown, the first big harvest will be for 2023.

Tree size: Tall.

Location: La Siberia.

Variety cup notes in washed process:

  • Aroma: Sweet, and floral.

  • Body: Medium to high body.

  • Acidity: Citric.

  • Flavor: Green grapes, blueberries, mango, lime, and papaya.

  • Aftertaste: Long citric notes.

Variety cup notes in washed natural:

  • Aroma: Floral and berries.

  • Body: Medium to high body.

  • Acidity: Malic.

  • Flavor: Green grapes, blueberries, spicy pepper, and fresh fruits.

  • Aftertaste: Long berry notes.

How do we process this variety?

  • Full-Wash

  • Natural

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