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Finca Divina Providencia

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Finca Divina Providencia has been in Rafael’s family for a very long time now. This farm has passed down through the generations by Rafael’s family on his mother’s side. The farm is located at 1450 masl 2 miles down the side of the road between the city of Apaneca and the town of Ataco in the Ahuachapán department. 


The farm has a very unique micro-climate with rich in nutrient soils that make producing high quality coffee an easy task. Every day in the afternoon, the farm is completely covered with fog. The farm received very little sunlight and cero wind gusts. With its Clay Loam Soils and sufficient rainfall, it is easy for the coffee trees to absorb all nutrients in the soil. 


The farm used to be 100% bourbon, but we have been finding several Pacas trees amongst the plantation. Pacas is a natural mutation from bourbon. Pacas trees are short in height, with short branches but really high in productivity compared to Bourbon trees.


This farm was one of Rafael’s mother’s babies. She took an immense care for this property and thought it should stay in the family for generations to come. As Rafael tells us, his mother, Eve Thelma Hoff, would walk through this farm every afternoon when she was in Apaneca.

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